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2015 Whitefish Point Marathon

June 13, 2015

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Paradise, Michigan

  • Hydration  Runners that do not carry their own water bottles will be disqualified from the race. Scroll down for additional details.
  • No Race Day Morning Registrations.
  • Starting Time 7:00 AM

Marathon Comraderie
Course Details
Race Morning Check-in

General Information

"this was my 17th marathon and is near the top of my list-- great job all--thank you so much--the man that sang the nation anthem before hand kudos to him, looking forward to next year . . . " 2014 Participant.

The Whitefish Point Marathon is a USA Track & Field Certified Course north of Paradise Michigan located in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

"This is a great Father/Son experience" states a 2013 Dad/Participant, " I'm glad we had the chance to spend the time together."

The road race meanders along Whitefish Point Road, traveling along the edge of Whitefish Bay, crossing the Betsy River, kissing the shores of Lake Superior, passing by the Whitefish Point Light Station, while skirting the edge of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Whitefish Point. The finish line is at the Whitefish Community Center on the southern edge of Paradise. After the race, we encourage you to unwind by visiting Tahquamenon Falls, Crisp Point Light House, Point Iroquois Light House, the Whitefish Point Light Station or Oswald's Bear Ranch.

Hydration Policy  |  The primary economic industry in the Paradise area is tourism. Annually 450,000+ vehicles travel through the National Hiawatha Forests to the Tahquamenon State Park home of the Tahquamenon Upper and Lower Falls. The Whitefish Point Marathon route travels along a small section of Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake by surface area in the world. In 2001 the forest area in the Upper Peninsula through the northern lower peninsula of Michigan was considered the 5th largest span of forests in the United States. The area is rich with Anishinaabe culture abiding in a deep appreciation of the Great Waters. While standing at the Tahquamenon River mouth, the earliest white settlers declared that the beauty of the area, waters and forests were like “Paradise”.Government agencies and local residents are avid stewards of this environment, hoping to keep the natural beauty for many future generations to enjoy.

In standing with these goals, the Whitefish Point Marathon steering committee advocates a no-plastic or paper cups consciousness along the marathon route. Fluids along the route will be provided but each runner is expected to carry for their personal use a refillable bottle, container or hydration back pack. To support this policy, a limited supply of refillable bottles will be available for a small fee at the race check in for individuals that forgot that equipment. For the safety and health of the runner, any runner not prepared to meet their individual hydration needs will be disqualified from the race.

Awards will be presented to the 1st place men and women runners. Since 2014, through a partnership with the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club, UPRRC, the Whitefish Point Marathon will be posting the results by age brackets as well as finish times in an effort to encourage marathon runners everywhere.

You know you're a runner . . . . Author Unknown

  • when you know how to pronouce (correctly) Planter Fasciiltis.
  • when you have a favorite ice pack.
  • when your message therapist knows your race schedule.
  • when you brag about losing toenails.
  • when you run even though you are sick.
  • when you put more time and work into taping parts of your body then to your tax return.
  • when there are permanent blood stains on your T-shirts where your nipples were rubbed raw.
  • when it hurts worse to take a shower then it does to keep running.
  • when you find yourself standing in front of the mirror trying to see if you have a leg length discrepancy.
  • when you could teach a class about biomechanics and the different kinds of shoes people need.
  • when you are the only person in town who knows what Quinine is used for besides treating malaria.
  • when you physical therapist or massage therapist is on speed dial.
  • when you rolling pin is kept near your bed instead of in the kitchen.
  • when every T-shirt you own has a race name and sponsors listed on it.
  • when you go from having a drawer for your running clothes to having an entire bureau for running clothes.
  • when you balk at the cost of everyday shoes and then spend $75 - $100 on a pair of running shoes that will only last 3 months and think you're getting a fabulous deal.
  • when you think a black Timex Ironman watch goes with a black suit.
  • when you can shop at a marathon expo for hours, but can't stand 5 minutes anywhere else.
  • when you spend $12.00 on socks that help you avoid blisters.
  • when your spouse/coworkers/children/neighbors complain about how cranky you are after you missed your run.
  • when you know the definitions of fartlek, tempo run, taper, and glycogen stores and use them regularly.
  • when you find that you have to think of your run schedule to remember what day of the week it is.
  • when you have a folder for running web pages in your bookmarks.
  • when you wake up thinking about today's run and go to sleep thinking about tomorrow's run.
  • when you run up to a red light and think, "Man, I wish I didn't have to stop!" instead of "Good, I need a break!"
  • when you drive your route after your runs to find out how far you went.
  • when you ask people who didn't run the race and may or may not be runners if they want to ride with you while you drive the course and give them commentary of the race while doing so.
  • when you dream about running.
  • when you use the words "easy" and "long run" in the same sentence.
  • when you continue running despite the fact that when you blink your eyelashes stick together because they are collecting ice and snow.
  • when you spend more time on running web sites then you do work.
  • when you cross the finish line of a marathon and you start considering where/when the next one will be.
  • when you can say "fartlek" without a single hint of a laugh.
  • when you spend your free time reading nutrition labels and race results.
  • when you are running a race and your calves are cramping and your knees are aching and your lungs are burning but still find yourself thinking, "This is fun!".
  • when you'd rather run then watch TV.
  • when you notice that the only footsteps in the snow are yours . . . from yesterday.
  • when you leave the New Year's Eve party early because you have a race in the morning.
  • when you have to drive for 20 miles before you find a road you haven't run on.
  • when you have your race schedule set out for 5 years in advance but can't remember if you're scheduled to work the next day or not.
  • when you take off work early to break in a new pair of running shoes.
  • when it is suggested that you give up running for Lent.


We are located in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula, 58 miles north of the Mackinac Bridge on Route M-123.

By Flight | The closest commercial airport - served by Delta - is Chippewa County Airport (1 hour from Paradise). From there, join Interstate 75 and continue north to M-28. Exit on M-28 and head west to M-123. Turn right on M-123 and continue to Paradise. Other regional airports are Pellston (2 hour drive and a bridge commute), Marquette (a 3 hour drive) and Escanaba (about a 4 hour drive).

By Car | Coming North over the Bridge on Interstate 75, continue for 8 miles. Exit on to M-123 (toward Newberry). Stay on M-123 – including a right turn in Trout Lake - until reaching Paradise.

From the Western Upper Peninsula/Wisconsin/Minnesota | follow Highways U.S. 2, U.S. 41, then M-28 until reaching M-123 (near Newberry). Turn left on M-123 and continue to Paradise.

From Eastern Wisconsin/Illinois | join U.S. 41 (near Green Bay) heading North, then join M-35 at Menominee and continue north along the Lake Michigan shore. Near Rapid River, join U.S. 2 heading East. Continue East to M-117. Turn left and continue to M-28. Right on M-28, East to M-123 (near Newberry). Continue to Paradise.

Pre-Race Meeting
National Anthem

UPRRC Affiliation Marathon Maniacs 50 States Marathon Club Active.COM


Updated 04.10.2015
What time does the race start?
7:00 AM
Is the course certified?
Yes -- USATF Certification #MI 130825 SH Effective until December 31, 2023. Endorsed by the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports.
T-shirts: Cotton or polyester?  Answer Updated 06.24.2014
The 2015 Event T-shirts will be 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester.
Will there be a finisher’s medal and/or awards?
Each Finisher will receive a medal. A trophy will be given to the fastest man and woman.
Is there a Half-Marathon option in this event?
No, for the purposes of this event, our community is focussing on developing a strong Marathon Event. But we do recommend the Whitefish Point Run for the Light event held each year in October. In 2014 they added a half-marathon feature. For more details be sure to visit this link at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
What if I register and cannot make it to the race can I get a refund or transfer my registration to someone else?
We do understand that injuries or travel plans can be an obstacle. In our efforts to keep registration fees low, our policy is no refunds or transfers of registrations. If you can let us know that you will not be present, that aids in the check in process.
Aid stations: How often, and what will be offered?
MM 5Water
MM 7.4Water
MM 10.4Water, Gatorade, & Carb Snack
MM 13.4Water, Gatorade, & Carb Snack
MM 16.4Water, Gatorade, & Carb Snack
MM 19.9Water, Gatorade, & Carb Snack
MM 22.6Water, Gatorade
MM 24.6Water, Gatorade
Finish LineWater, Gatorade, Bananas & Bagels
What toilet facilities will be available?
Starting Line | Outhouses at Sawmill Creek Park
MM 5.5 | Outhouses at Andrus Lake Picnic Area
      (along the course)
MM 10.4 | One port-a-potty along the course
MM 13.4 | Bathroom facilities at Whitefish Point
MM 24.6 | Outhouses at Sawmill Creek Park
Finish Line | Whitefish Township Community Center
Are showers available after the race?
Yes, but bring your own towel. The school administrator has agreed that marathon participants can shower at the school facility after the race. The school is a short walk from the finish-line area.
How much of the course is shaded?
There are a couple of stretches along the Lake where there is no shade from the sun, the sun being in the eastern sky in the morning. But I would say that most of the course is shaded, or partially shaded. The last couple of miles (along M-123) will be in the direction of where the late morning sun would likely be in your face. Sun screen would be a good idea. In early June, morning temperatures will be a bit cooler, but will likely warm up by noon - and the course will be less shaded at mid-day with the sun being higher in the sky.
What is the average daily temperature in that area in mid June?
The average daily temperature in mid June for Paradise, Michigan is 70 degrees. Last year the maximum temperature was 77 degrees (We had an unusually warm spring.) and the minimum temperature was 60 degrees. In 2009 the high was 73 and the low was 50.
Don Rolfson, NOAA, Marquette, MI. Used by Permission.
Don Rolfson, NOAA, Marquette, MI. Used by Permission.

Many Thanks to Our 2014 Event Sponsors

Is there usually a cool breeze from the lake?
Breeze should help, but wind/breeze is unpredictable and can move with or against you. Historically wind speeds average 10 miles per hour at that time of year with maximum wind speeds of 17mph. Most of the course has trees between you and the lake which blocks some of the winds coming from the lake. It has been a wet spring and whatever breeze is present may be enough to keep the flies and mosquitoes away but you might consider using an insect repellant/or spray.
Are there spots without cell phone reception?
There are spots where cell phone reception will probably not work. There is a tower in Paradise - close to both the start and finish, but further north I would expect loss of signal.
What is the running surface?
The course is mostly paved. The course is along Whitefish Point Road - which is paved with bike/foot path along the edge. The 1.2 mile stretch down Vermilion Road - and back - is partially paved with pot-holes and part gravel. The leg on Superior Drive is about 1.3 miles and it is gravel. The runners will run on the bike/foot path portion of the road. Runners will be on the left facing any on-coming automobile traffic, and there is a painted stripe on the edge separating the car traffic from the foot traffic.

2015 Profit proceeds will benefit the Whitefish Township Community Library, Upper Peninsula Regional Blood Center, and Care Net Pregnancy Center. This event is another Paradise Area Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Event

DISCLAIMER:   The Whitefish Point Marathon is not affiliated with the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society or the Whitefish Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.